Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server for Skype Business


Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server for Skype for Business


Microsoft Skype for Business’s ever-evolving technology has gained attention to the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Enterprises migrating to Microsoft Skype for Business have the requirement for access codes to enable them to track, monitor and charge out the associated costs to Business cost centre or client billings in other cases.

Seeing this need from the Clients Eastcom Systems invested and developed EPASS (Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server).


Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server has been developed to work independently as a standalone Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server. International Direct Dial-ling (IDD) access permission is one of the top security concerns because it allows IT/Telecom administrators to take control of overseas calls using Microsoft Skype for Business. IDD access pins have been assigned to selected users to key in upon initiating a call overseas. Without these IDD access pins, such calls can be abused and could even lead to anomalous activities or even fraud.

Epass architercture

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ability to validate the IDD calls against the Pin Authentication Central Database (PACD) & route the calls accordingly to the end points configured
  • Provide exemption to bypass the pin based on certain conditions (ex. Company policy)
  • Flexibility of the administrator to assign IDD pin to a user
  • Ability of the user to login to the portal and change IDD Pin at any time
  • Real Time Toll Fraud
  • Voice Logging
  • Seamless integration to TelCAAP for Cost Allocation
  • Golden Gateway for automated least cost call routing


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