SWIFT Visitor Management System {Safe Walk-In Integrated Facial & Telephony}

In supporting the fight against COVID-19, together with IMDA/SGTECH; Eastcom Systems is offering a 
25% discount on our usual price to SMEs who onboard during the fight.

SWIFT Visitor Management System is a unique solution with Staff Safety and Workflow Automation as its core concepts:

  • Staff & Workplace Safety : Designed for Enterprises to keep your Staff and Workplace SAFE amid COVID 19 and beyond
  • Workflow Automation : Integrated and seamless solution for Visitor Registration, Contact tracing, Voice/Video Communications and Reporting & Analytics
Visitor Management System


  • Improved Productivity as Registration of Visitor is Automated
  • Reception Staff does not need to interact with Visitors (critical during this Covid-19 period)
  • Only Host Staff will interact with Visitor (enforcing Social Distancing and avoiding interaction with other Staff)
  • Visitor able to call and communicate with Host Staff directly without going through Reception or intermediary
  • Contact Tracing records can be stored and retrieved at the click of the button
  • Records on Purpose of Visit, Date/Time and Duration of Visits are managed accurately
  • Updates on Health Declaration can be updated by Administrator to ensure that the criteria are current and kept up to date
  • Updates on Corporate Telephone Directory can be managed and kept updated digitally
  • Management Reports can be used for Manpower Planning and optimization of resources for managing Visitors


Architectural Design Diagram

visitor management system


Visitor Registration (Self Check-In with Health Declaration

Go Green and Paperless for a seamless Digital Experience

Check Out – Record end of Visit


On the Welcome screen Visitor can with a single touch select
(Touch here to start) or (Checkout)

visitor management system

Visitor Registration screen will require Visitor to input:

Company Name
Purpose of Visit:
[Select from Couriers/Deliveries, Reception, Staff / Meeting]
Contact person name

visitor management system

On completion of inputs select the next button

visitor management system

Complete Health / Travel declaration form and select Next button

visitor management system

If contact person name is not input, the staff name card list is presented and visitor can select name of staff they wish to meet. If Staff name is input, his/her name will be shown on the screen

visitor management system

When Visitor selects the staff’s name (Peter Yao in this case) by touching on the name card, a Voice Call shall be established with Peter Yao

visitor management system

Connection status indicates that the call between Visitor and Peter Yao is active


  • Automated Voice/Video Call to Hosting Staff / Reception
  • Safeguard Frontend Staff by deploying e-Reception with Digital Telephone Directory for Visitors to contact staff (after registering in the Visitor Registration)


  • Digital Health Declaration Form (with Temperature recording)


Comprehensive report on all Visitor Transactions (for Contact Tracing or Analysis)

In supporting the fight against COVID-19, together with IMDA/SGTECH;
Eastcom Systems is offering a 25% discount on our usual price to SMEs who onboard during the fight.

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