Enterprise Comprehensive Operations Management System





Eastcom’s Enterprise Comprehensive Operations Management Systems (ECOMS™) is a
business productivity software that eliminates corporate provisioning challenges. It achieves this by automating workflow management system and business process management.

Enterprise provisioning system essentially provides enterprises with the tools to manage users’ requests across multiple, disparate applications and system platforms. However, enterprises face difficulties in deploying an enterprise provisioning solution. This is because successful implementation requires not only the technical knowledge of the IT systems and the capture of key business services and assets to be supported, but it also requires the understanding of the enterprise’s associated policies and business processes. From a TEM perspective, a given enterprise user may need to order or query a range of telecom services or assets on a regular basis. Without a proper provisioning facility, creating, managing, and tracking the user accounts and their associated activity is often a time-intensive and error-prone proposition.

Base Provisioning Module

ECOMS’ Base Provisioning Module provides the foundation elements to deliver the most
flexible provisioning system in the market.

Features include:

  • Fully customised User Interface (UI) to client’s requirements
  • Role based Access Control System
  • User/Access MACD (Move, Add, Change, Deletion) Management
  • User Role Configuration
  • Compliance and Policy Management
  • Business Workflow Management
  • Service / Asset Catalogue Management
  • Email / SMS notification engine
  • Workflow Audit facilities
  • Integration with third party business systems (interface customization required)

Thus, ECOMS addresses the entire user request lifecycle, beginning with the initial creation
of roles, accounts and access polices, implementing the on-boarding and service and asset
cataloguing process, dynamically modifying user access rights to meet changing business
circumstances, providing compliance attestation and reporting solutions, and providing a centralised service and asset inventory management system, all the way through to disabling or removing terminated accounts.


Inventory Management Module

ECOMS’ Inventory Management Module is a fully integrated optional add-on to the ECOMS’ Base Provisioning Module. This module provides the enterprise with the ability to capture and store all telecom services and its associated assets into a single repository.

Features include:

  • Complete capture of service and asset information
  • Query–based search facilities to locate telecom services and its associated assets
  • Reporting facilities to show inventory stock on hand


Complaints Ticketing Management Module

ECOMS’ Complaints Ticketing Management Module is a fully integrated optional add-on to the ECOMS’ Base Provisioning Module. This module provides the enterprise with the ability to capture user complaints and track these complaints from inception to resolution.

Features include:

  • Full incident lifecycle management of complaints from incident creation to incident closure.
  • Complaint escalation feature with integrated email and SMS notification based on time limit and role-based configurations.
  • Integration with third party helpdesk systems (interface customisation required)

In summary, ECOMS™ is the complete service and asset provisioning solution for any TEM project, assuring business processes streamlining, compliance, inventory centralisation, and cost benefits to the organisation.


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