Software Development Services


software development services


We provide a comprehensive array of customized software development services. Our well defined and mature software development processes span the entire software development life cycle. We typically engage our clients through the following process:


Requirements Gathering & Analysis

To provide the very best solution for you, we must first understand your basic requirements. We take ample time to fully comprehend the nature of the problem you are trying to solve before a single line of code is written. We will ask a lot of questions at this stage, and more importantly, listen closely to your answers.


Software Application Design

During this highly collaborative design phase, information gathered during the analysis stage is used to create the look, feel and functionality of your new application. We take a rigorous iterative design process to ensure that the formal specifications drafted during this phase are fully reviewed and meet your approval.


Software Coding 

Once the software application design is completed, our highly experienced team of software developers will start coding your custom software solution. Using international coding standards and established software development methodologies, our developers will ensure the application is clean and robust and that your end product is easy to maintain.


Delivery / Post Implementation Technical Support

Upon completion of the software coding, Eastcom delivers and performs full installation of the application software. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is critical at this stage to guarantee that what was designed and coded will hold up in a live business environment. Post implementation technical support will round out the project to ensure that all problems are resolved in the timeliest manner should there be any issues with the software application in the future.


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