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In the existing economic climate, business executives remain concerned with

managing indirect costs to maintain profitability and reduce operational risk. Telecommunications represent a large area of these indirect expenses, yet it has escaped cost-containment initiatives due to its complexity. Gaining control of runaway telecom costs is no easy task.
Managing telecom requires people with highly specialized skills and unfortunately most enterprises discover that they don’t have the right people or resources to manage telecom internally. The internal operational costs of managing telecommunications bills, service provider relationships and especially rapid growth of mobile and VOIP services are expensive and complex administrative headaches.

Most expense and cost management solutions only look at historical billing data and can’t take into account real-time network performance considerations that are critical to achieving full optimisation of telecommunications usage, both financially and operationally, across the enterprise. So more and more companies are now turning to managed service providers to avoid the burden of managing and optimising their data, voice, and mobile expenses.

Eastcom Systems, a recognized pioneer & leader in telecom cost optimisation solutions, is setting an innovative industry standard with our unique Costimiser solutions suite. Our flagship Costimiser Managed Services, allows you to outsource the repetitive, tactical tasks that consume countless man hours and drain departmental resources without relinquishing full control or management of your internal processes.

We guarantee unparalleled control and visibility into your organization’s telecom spend while maintaining strict security and confidentiality standards. Put simply, Eastcom has the best technology and services necessary to manage, understand, and optimise your enterprise’s voice, data, and mobile resources.

Costimiser Managed Services combines a matchless mix of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology and best practices with network performance monitoring. Taking what were traditionally completely separate and distinct approaches to cost management and marrying the two together to contain costs and optimise assets is what makes Eastcom’s Costimiser Managed Services unequivocally unique in the industry.

Costimiser Managed Services employs industry best practices to ensure that every dollar you spend on telecom expenses is brought under TEM management which ultimately drives savings directly to your bottom line. Our impressive team of experts are industry veterans with countless years of experience and we save literally millions of dollars for our Fortune 1000 clients.


Costimiser Managed Services Lifecycle

Costimiser Managed Services Lifecycle


Costimiser offers full automation across the entire Costimiser Telecom Lifecycle. Costimiser incorporates comprehensive network performance monitoring, industry best practices and TEM processes to realize “procure to pay” automation. Full business workflow management combined with order/request management facilities and integration into corporate ERP systems ensures a “closed loop” TEM process across the enterprise. Customers who choose Costimiser are esteemed “Best in Class” enterprises who become further distinguished by proactively managing all of their telecommunications expenditures. In addition, they apply a comprehensive holistic approach with a system that pulls data together, drives a structured workflow, and enables collaboration among different groups internally.



  • Capture of invoices for voice, data, mobile usage
  • PABX usage analytics
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Comprehensive assurance testing
  • Comprehensive bill audits (dispute recovery charges extra)
  • Cost centre allocations
  • Contract management
  • Provisioning management
  • Help desk facilities (user complaint management)
  • Toll fraud analysis
  • Standard reports
  • Integration into enterprise ERP systems


Maximising Your Managed Services Investment

We offer industry best service level agreements (SLAs) as well as a comprehensive suite of professional services to complement our Costimiser Managed Services.
Gaining control over runaway telecom costs is no simple task. You can now leverage the expertise of

Eastcom to gain unprecedented visibility into, and control of, your voice, data, and mobile communications.


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