About Us

About us


Eastcom Systems is a leader in delivering business productivity software solutions and cost management solutions for optimizing telecom, energy, IOT, and office automation costs. Through our diverse products — Costimi$er, TelCAAP, CCAAP and CAMS — we offer enterprises a broad portfolio of products and services to help automate their process in cost management, billing, office automation, business intelligence & analytics.

We work with clients who want to drive transformational change in cost management. With our IoT ready capabilities and customized software development services, our commitment to quality and innovation continues to be in the forefront of our business philosophy.

We represent some of the most successful and innovative organisations in the world, with clients ranging from governmental institutions and Fortune 500, to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

We take pride in not only our technology, but also our people. Thus, it’s not only our unique technological solutions that enable organisations across all sectors to achieve significant productivity gains, but it is also our team of experts and industry veterans who partner and collaborate to save millions of dollars for our Fortune 1000 clients. We believe in knowledge sharing and constant learning, and together we are moving ahead to create a technology-enabled ecosystem.


What do we do?

We are a global provider of cost saving professional services, that include

  • call accounting  & management
  • telecom expense management
  • unified communication
  • utility management
  • office automation

In addition our customised software development services that span the entire software development cycle. Whether it is analysing data in the telecommunication sectors or reading ‘smart meters’ in the energy sectors, we help enterprises to manage, understand, and optimize data and resources.


Why choose us?

  • We are the ‘Partner of Choice,’ transforming businesses to drive sustainable impact and gain competitive advantage.
  • Customers place our systems as ‘benchmarks’ that are “easier to execute,” when compared to others.
  • Our established methodologies combine a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep fundamental understanding of Cost Optimization Economics.
  • All Eastcom Systems solutions are customized to the customers’ needs based on business intelligence and analytics.
  • We are recognized experts, known for our collaborative approach and customer focus.
  • We are identified amongst the 25 Most Promising Unified Communication Solution Providers & Premier Innovator’ in the telecom space.


Our Vision

We aim to be the global leader in providing universal cost management solutions that enhance productivity and improve corporate governance while maintaining social responsibility.


Our Mission

Eastcom Systems exists to provide robust and extensible business cost management solutions that enhance productivity, maximize profitability, and optimize costs. We have a single-minded focus on creating long term relationships and sustained business value for our customers, partners, and investors.



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