Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Allocation Package


CCAAP™ (Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Allocation Package)



CCAAP™ is the industry leading telco bill processing and telco data analytics that helps an enterprise to capture, analyse, validate, and allocate bill. This artificial intelligence data analytics solution provides the automation needed to fully consolidate all service provider bills into a streamlined and centralised process. It also offers dispute management functionality for universal expenses across the enterprise.

Either operating in stand-alone mode or fully complementing and tightly integrating into our industry leading TelCAAP™solution, CCAAP™ AI analytics (telco data analytics)  offers complete cost allocation capabilities of all expense usage, together with seamless integration with ERP and HR systems to ensure full compatibility with enterprise business systems. A fully customisable and flexible report engine rounds out the extensive features of CCAAP™. In addition, its associated auditing features guarantee that all bills are in complete compliance with negotiated tariff rates and contractual terms.





  • Database can be user modified to reflect enterprise’s unique business structure
  • Security levels & access rights on an individual user or group basis
  • Supports import of electronic bills thus avoiding manual data entry


  • User friendly interface to generate standard & customised reports
  • All reports contain information on usage and costs based on service operator bills.


Service Provider Billing Support

  • Allows import of all electronic bills in any standard format from service providers
  • Can be set up to automatically download electronic copies directly from service provider’s website


Export Facilities

  • All reports exportable to MS-Excel format
  • The option of Eastcom‘s customized interfaces to enterprise financial accounting systems to enable automated cost allocations to corporate cost centers is available.


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