Telephone Call Accounting & Auditing Package

TelCAAP™ : (Telephone Call Accounting & Auditing Package)

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TelCAAP™ is the industry leading web-centric call accounting system featuring the most comprehensive support for PABX vendors in the industry. In addition to allowing scalability and reliability of varied volumes of traffic monitoring, its data extraction tools and data capture systems also ensure a detailed usage capture facility.

TelCAAP™  is the most flexible reporting capabilities in the market, and is designed to ensure full PABX telecom life cycle management. It allows organisations, both small & large, to gain complete control over telephone misuse, increase personal accountability, allocate calling costs among departments, manage telecom equipments, chargeback and report. Thus TelCAAP™  is the sound foundation on which every organisation’s telecom cost management strategy can be based upon.

TelCAAP™ Features



  • Database can be modified to reflect each enterprise’s unique business structure, in terms of location, division, department, cost centre etc.
  • Security levels & access rights can be configured based on either an individual or a group.
  • It supports import of soft copies of tariff tables, thus avoiding manual data entry.
  • The option of Eastcom outsourced service for automated web-based tariff updates is available.


Multi-Site Capability

  • Unique feature allows an enterprise with multiple office locations to use one centralized call accounting system.
  • Multi currency support.
  • Multi-vendor PBX support.
  • Secure access of reports at each office location.
  • Centralized reporting capabilities.


Monitoring Facilities

  • Toll Fraud: Credit limits can be set on a per user basis, and user account flagged, when limit is exceeded.
  • Exception reports can be generated both by duration (eg. 30 minutes) & by value (eg. above $50.00).
  • Users allowed to highlight personal and business calls online.



  • Supports all major PABX vendors
  • Supports connectivity from either PABX, serial port or IP port
  • Compatible to work with Microsoft Lync / OCS
  • Compatible to work with Avaya OneX
  • Integration to ERP System (SAP, Oracle, etc)


Export Capabilities

  • All reports exportable to MS-Excel format
  • Option to create Eastcom’s customized interfaces to enterprise financial accounting system, that can enable automatic cost allocations to corporate cost centers.


Security Capabilities

  • Each user can be configured to have various levels of access rights (e.g. department head can view staff usage reports etc.)


Customized Industry Modules

  • Hospitality (e.g. hotels)
  • Call center applications (e.g. Banking, Airlines)
  • Client charging (e.g. Consultancy companies, legal firms)



  • Reports can be accessed via desktop browser (IE5.0 and above), and no additional client software is required.
  • ‘Two click’ approach to generate a standard report.
  • All reports contain detailed/ summary information on usage (duration), costs (based on operator tariffs) and breakdown between IDD, STD & Local calls
  • Reports can be generated in combinations of the following parameters:
  • Outgoing or incoming calls
  • Individual extensions or users (PIN based)
  • Groups (Department, Division, Cost Centre, Location etc)
  • User defined reporting period
  • Carrier/Operator
  • Trunk group/CO Lines
  • Specific route based calls to specific countries can be analyzed


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