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Professional Software and Business Services

Professional Software and Business Services 

Our mission is clear and unequivocal: to help the world’s leading corporations gain and sustain competitive advantage through telecom cost optimisation strategies, and achieve profound, tangible results for our clients. We help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial cost improvements to the performance of their organizations. We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges. Our commitment to the business relationship does not end until we help clients improve their operational efficiencies, their business relationships, and their bottom line economics.

We accomplish these goals through established methodologies that combine a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep fundamental understanding of cost optimisation economics. Our consultants, recognised experts in their respective fields, are known for their highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to working with our clients and with each other.

To complement our industry leading Costimiser products and services, we offer a complete range of professional software and business services. These services include:


Telecom Inventory “Rightsizing”

Eastcom Telecom Inventory “Rightsizing” service recognises that telecom assets are a special class of IT assets that require an accurate inventory for effective financial management. By using Costimiser technology to “rightsize” telecom inventory, we will ensure all assets are accurately captured in addition to determining and recovering all areas of wastage. (e.g. duplication, “zero use” inventory, orphaned services)


Strategic Sourcing

Eastcom Strategic Sourcing service combines our years of industry experience, market knowledge, and methodologies to help companies improve the vendor selection process and dramatically improve their leverage by ensuring that they have the necessary tools and knowledge to negotiate the best contract conditions available according to current market conditions.


Historical Bill Audits

Through the use of our Costimiser technology and our industry knowledge, Eastcom Historical Bill Audit service thoroughly examines past telecom invoices from fixed line and mobile service providers over a specified period of time. All disputed issues like tariff rate overpayments and inventory errors are identified, refunds are secured, and cost-saving strategies are shared to ensure the enterprise customer realises cost efficiencies in their telecommunications management practices.


Mobile Plan Optimisation

Eastcom Mobile Plan Optimisation service uses Costimiser’s sophisticated optimization engines applying statistics-based algorithms and techniques. An analysis of an individual’s usage and calling patterns generates a unique profile for each user. That profile is automatically compared to the multitude of mobile service provider rate plan options on a periodical basis. This sophisticated comparative analysis results in the most optimal and cost effective rate plan, tailored to fit each individual’s specific usage.


Business Process Improvements & Assessments

Eastcom Business Process Improvement & Assessments service takes a systematic approach to identifying a client’s current approach to their telecom cost optimisation practices within their organisation. Using a blend of our unique cost optimisation methodologies combined with industry best practices, we will uncover inefficiencies and weaknesses in the client’s current cost management approaches and work with the client to streamline their business processes and to properly align their methodologies with the organisations financial and strategic goals.


Business Impact Roadmap

Eastcom Systems’ Business Impact Roadmap service takes a holistic and strategic approach to addressing a client’s enterprise-wide telecom convergence needs. We work closely with our enterprise clients to :

  • identify optimal approaches
  • select the appropriate technologies and vendors
  • streamline processes
  • and provide supporting financial analysis for the proposed changes.

The end result is a well-defined game plan to reduce costs and optimise productivity that will support the business for the future.


At Eastcom, the basis for every customer relationship is unwavering trust and uncompromising customer service. We have a single-minded focus on creating long term relationships and sustained business value for our customers and partners.


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