Featuring Eastcom Systems; offering telecom cost management solutions

May 23, 2014 

Eastcom Systems, headquartered in Singapore, specializes in telecom cost management solutions for the Asia Pacific region across all verticals.  Eastcom VP of Technology & Development, Shankar, discusses their business and takes a look at future demands.


Question #1 – What is the primary focus of your business?

Eastcom Systems strives to help enterprises optimize telecommunication costs with a suite of solutions aimed at:

  • Real-time visibility of PABX usage ising TelCAAP (Telephone Call Accounting & Auditing Package) for consumption management (compliance tested by Avaya)
  • Monitoring of exception data (major, minor, warning, errors) for PABX, Gateways, UPS and switches using CAMS – Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System (compliance tested by Avaya)
  • Analysis of Agent performance and trunk utilization (both IP and PSTN) using TelCAAP


Question #2 – Tell me something about the history of your company.

Located in Singapore, Eastcom Systems has delivered proven industry expense management solutions using our Costimi$er engine, that reduce cost, maximize profitability, and enhance productivity across the enterprise.  We offer solutions that improve an enterprise’s ability to make sound decisions and to achieve sustainable performance improvements through enhanced customer relationships.

TelCAAP has been deployed in several financial institutuions, logistics, airlines and government offices to handle regional PABX usage management with a central server and remote Grabber concept for easy scalability and better visibility.  TelCAAP  has been deployed to measure IP Trunk Utilization in a multi-location (regional) environment to efficiently control cost on internation voice spending.  TelCAAP also helps enterprises overcom toll fraud by alerting immediately on exceptional calls.  TelCAAP has been DevConnect compliance tested with Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Communication Server 1000 platforms.  Our CAMS – Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System has been tested with Avaya Communication Manager.


Question #3 – What fundamental shifts do you see coming in the communications industry?

We see a growing demand for mobility solutions, more Unified Communication environments, WebRTC applications, wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).   We see a need for real-time monitoring as well as measurement of usage.  For this reason, billing challenges will become an important component for the communication industry.


Question #4 – What technologies do you think will have the biggest impact in the next 5 or 10 years?

Big data analytics, integration of social media into customer service support, cloud-based offers and applications and again, the Internet of Things, which is the advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services.


Question #5 – What is the value of being a DevConnect Technology Partner? 

Our wish is to provide niche solutions which will add value to end-users as well as Avaya to enhance their offerings to clients.  We aim to have greater visibility to and acceptance by Avaya customers, channel partners and sales teams.


Question #6 – What is the most important thing you’d like our Facebook community to know about your company?

Eastcom is know for innovation.  We provide niche solutions to eliminate pains in the area of UC and we’re rolling out solutions using Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment to enable enterprises to take advantage of the new collaborative environment.  Eastcom is positioning itself as one of the key Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment developers in Asia Pacific with solutions coming soon for real-time toll-fraud identification and user selectable PIN for IDD (FAC Code) and PIN management for user security.


Originally Published in Avaya Deconnect Magazine