Get Real Time Visibility Into Your Telecom, Office Automation & Energy Expenses



Grabber™ is an unique tool, designed to “Grab” data from various devices through different protocols. Grabber™ has become an essential entity to help Enterprises by bringing in Real-Time Visibility to their usage in Telecom Expenses, Office Automation Expenses, Energy Expenses etc.


In Telecom, Grabber™ can capture data from PABXs, Routers, Media Gateways, Voice Gateways etc. Following standard protocols are supported by Grabber:

  1. -TCP/IP
  2. -SNMP v1, SNMP v2
  3. -RS-232
  4. -WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
  5. -HTTP Post

In addition, Grabber™ is used in Hand-held devices to grab data from various sensors such as Thumb-print sensor, Bar-code sensor etc to validate and authenticate recipients of different services.

Grabber™ has found a niche place in Exception Data Management where it grabs Alarm Data to help and manage proactively different devices before their actual failure. This has improved Productivity considerably in Enterprises where down-time of Critical Equipment like PABXs, UPS, Servers etc can create nightmare in the operations.

Design of Grabber™ lends itself to be used in variety of applications including Industrial controls, Healthcare, Retail, Finance etc.


Mapper is a unique tool, designed to “Read” data from various documents incorporating different formats. It has become a valuable asset to Enterprises by bringing in Visibility to their usage in Telecom Expenses, Office Automation Expenses, Energy Expenses etc. by “Reading” their Bills not only in different formats, but in different languages. Mapper “Maps” data from heterogeneous documents used in Healthcare (Test Reports), Finance (Bank Statements) etc. It  supports different formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, csv, HTML etc.

Mapper in Healthcare

In Heathcare, Mapper has helped in reading Test Reports, collating them and passing them to in-house ERP Systems, improving Productivity and Accuracy in amazing proportions. Together with Grabber, Mapper brings in Total Visibility in Telecom expenses and other expenses vital for improving bottom-line. Mapper boasts strong algorithms to seamlessly “map” data from different types of documents in various geographies. This plays a vital role in Cost Containment in Enterprises.