Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System


CAMS™(Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System)


CAMS™is the industry leading remote alarm monitoring system for automation devices. Either working in stand-alone mode or fully complementing and tightly integrating with our industry leading Costimi$er™ solution, CAMS™ is designed to improve an administrator’s ability to monitor and manage all types of remote site automation equipment for exception conditions.

CAMS™, a business productivity software, is designed to provide comprehensive centralised alarm monitoring within the most complex and mission-critical automation environments. With outstanding features, such as built-in workflow escalation alerts, CAMS™can be configured to send primary and secondary alarm notifications via SMS or email to an administrator for immediate acknowledgement.

Functions and Features

  • Web-based user interface
  • Supports all network-enabled and communications devices (PABXs, UPSs, Network Switches & Routers, Printers and Servers)
  • Centralised multi-protocol monitoring facility (TCP/IP, RS-232, SNMP protocols supported)
  • Allows monitoring of variable Fault Codes depending on device
  • Filters alarm conditions based on set parameters, such as warning and minor alarms that can be monitored, but ignored for sending SMS / email.
  • Scalable to multi-location monitoring
  • Able to create multiple groups if the server caters to different locations/clients
  • User configurable messages
  • Alarm monitoring for login failures


  • For the same alarm, different SMS / email can be sent to different recipients.
  • Frequency and the interval of sending the same SMS/ email to the same recipient is programmable
  • Provision of ESCALATION is available.
  • Threshold alarm monitoring facilities:
    a) No activity alarm trigger
    b) Usage exceed threshold alarm trigger


  • Helps to prevent the potential outage that can cripple organisations due to problems in network & communication devices.
  • Downtime is minimalised (if not eliminated) due to early detection & correction
  • Improves productivity due to better performance of devices
  • Helps pro-active support
  • SMS/ Email describes the fault condition clearly (instead of using code numbers), and hence, remedial action can be taken quickly and easily.


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