Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System

CAMS™(Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System)   CAMS™is the industry leading remote alarm monitoring system for automation devices. Either working in stand-alone mode or fully complementing and tightly integrating with our industry leading Costimi$er™ solution, CAMS™ is designed to improve an administrator’s ability to monitor and manage all types of remote site automation equipment for exception conditions. […]

Telephone Call Accounting & Auditing Package

TelCAAP™ : (Telephone Call Accounting & Auditing Package) TelCAAP™ is the industry leading web-centric call accounting system featuring the most comprehensive support for PABX vendors in the industry. In addition to allowing scalability and reliability of varied volumes of traffic monitoring, its data extraction tools and data capture systems also ensure a detailed usage capture facility. TelCAAP™  […]

Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server for Skype Business

  Enterprise Pin Authentication Secured Server for Skype for Business Microsoft Skype for Business’s ever-evolving technology has gained attention to the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Enterprises migrating to Microsoft Skype for Business have the requirement for access codes to enable them to track, monitor and charge out the associated costs to Business […]

Costimiser- Communications Lifecycle Management

Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) platform In the era of big data analytics, organizations are becoming vulnerable to errors and inefficiencies. Eastcom has a vision in transforming big data into cost-saving initiatives by introducing various state-of-the-art technologies. Application of sophisticated techniques to extract actionable knowledge is the key for profitability and sustainability. Statistical […]

Enterprise Comprehensive Operations Management System

#SGUNITED In supporting the fight against COVID-19, together with IMDA/SGTECH; Eastcom Systems is offering a 25% discount on our usual price to SMEs who onboard during the fight. ENTERPRISE COMPREHENSIVE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ECOMS™)   Eastcom’s Enterprise Comprehensive Operations Management Systems (ECOMS™) is a business productivity software that eliminates corporate provisioning challenges. It achieves this by […]

Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Allocation Package

CCAAP™ (Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Allocation Package)   CCAAP™ is the industry leading telco bill processing and telco data analytics that helps an enterprise to capture, analyse, validate, and allocate bill. This artificial intelligence data analytics solution provides the automation needed to fully consolidate all service provider bills into a streamlined and centralised process. It also offers dispute […]