Business Productivity Software: Maximize Profits & Decrease Spending With Costimiser

Business productivity softwareIn the existing economic climate, organisations are frequently vulnerable to errors and inefficiencies. Addressing this vulnerabilty, Eastcom aims to transform the big data analytics in the telecom industry into cost-saving initiatives.

This is done through the cost management system, Costimi$er™, that applies sophisticated techniques to extract actionable knowledge for profitability and sustainability. Much like other Eastcom products and services, Costimi$er™ ‘s core capabilities are business intelligence and analytics, optimisation, and productivity enhancement.

Costimi$er™ is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics platform (BA) where data is received, normalised, analysed, visualised, and transformed into a business solution. Holistic reports are produced and available for users to react in a cost conscious manner, so as to maximise profits and avoid unnecessary spending.

Costimi$er™ can transform big data into solution in the following areas:

  1. Telecom Expense Management (wireless / wireline)
  2. Office Automation (fax, photo copier, printer, scanner, etc.)
  3. Energy (smart meter, etc)


Costimi$er™ Framework is a unified approach in Communications Lifecycle Management. It encapsulates service delivery requirements and processes.


 Costimiser Framework


Benefits of Costimi$er™ 

  • Savings are ensured as wastages and leakages are avoided in the utility sectors.
  • The areas with common efficiency and productivity challenges can be addressed.
  • Time-consuming and expensive manual activities can be eliminated.
  • The true value of data where immediate actions are needed can be realized.
  • Carbon footprint can be reduced, by implementing industry’s best practices in technology utilisation.